Jill Roberts

Shredd has completely changed my body and my lifestyle and I’ve never felt better! I was always a runner, ate a lot of carbs, and thought I would get big lifting weights. Every year I seemed to gain a pound or two as I focused on my kids. Ryan has taught me how to lift weights, build muscle and eat to fuel my workouts. I look forward to working out at Shredd nearly every day. It’s a challenge, it’s fun and I’ve met a lot of great people. It’s truly a special gym!



The Shredd gym is more than just a gym. When I first started training at Shredd, I had rarely lifted weights (cardio bunny) and I was very intimidated, but soon realized the trainers were well educated on nutrition, form and fitness and able to provide the resources and oversight required to reach my fitness goals. The trainers took a personal interest in my individual goals and provided me encouragement along the way. It has been a life changing experience for me; I hold my head a little higher and have more confidence in myself than ever before which is reflected in all aspects of my life. The relationships I have made with the people that have accompanied me on my fitness journey are indescribable. I am surrounded by people who continue to inspire and motivate me to be the best ‘me’ that I can be. We help each other work through our challenging moments and celebrate each other’s accomplishments (with A LOT of laughs along the way). As I said previously, Shredd is more than a gym, it’s a family.




This program, hands-down will work for you. But, you have to stick to it and dedicate yourself to it every single day. Every meal, every workout counts. After sixteen weeks, I lost 35 lbs and 25″. What do you have to lose?


Shane Davis

A spur of the moment beach vacation seemed like a great idea until i looked at myself in the mirror and realized that the winter months had not been kind to me! With only 40 days from the time i booked until the time I left I realized I needed some serious professional help. Luckily I knew just the right person for the job. I text Aaron Becker from Team Shredd and told him of my situation and what I was looking and hoping to do. Within two days of giving him all my specs and goals he had a plan emailed to me that set out everything I needed to do to reach them! I quickly went over the plan figuring I would have a ton of questions or a bunch of things that would be unattainable, but that was not the case. Everything was laid out in an informative and very easy flowing step by step guide on workouts, diet, cardio, supplements, etc. I still had a few questions with the guide and Aaron was quick to assist me with all of those! Once starting my program Aaron would check on me day to day to see how things were going. If I had any questions with any of the workouts he was quick to send a video of exactly what it was he was wanting me to do. I would send him my weekly results, keep him informed of how I felt and let him know of any concerns or questions I had. After giving him my results and him seeing that my body was responding to this he would throw in extra things to keep the momentum going and keep it exciting. About halfway through my process Aaron said it was time to change it up and start pushing even more, in which I responded “are you crazy”, but with his motivation and his knowledge I started to see my goals within reach. While the program was not easy, it was necessary and fun! Each week I could see the change in my body and my energy level, which the positive in both kept me on point. At the end of my process I had lost nearly 20lbs of unwanted body fat and toned up my entire body! The results I obtained by following his step by step guide were even more than I had hoped for. The professionalism and knowledge of Aaron and Team Shredd made it all possible. I fully believe that without them I would not have even came close to the results I obtained with them and their guidance! Listen to them and follow exactly what they say and I promise you that you will get the results they promise and that you want! Thank you Aaron and Team Shredd for your knowledge and your motivation throughout the process that kept me on track and allowed me to fully enjoy an amazing beach vacation, the end results gave me the confidence I was looking for to fully enjoy it!