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Shredd On-line Personal Training is a convenient and affordable way for clients to benefit from the knowledge, support and expertise of Shredd personal trainers, from the comfort of your home or local gym.

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Our advantage is our people.

Knowledge and Expertise
Affordability and convenience
Support and motivation
Customization and modifications
Results guaranteed
Lasting life changes

the shredd philosophy 

What makes a Shredd online training program different from many others?  For starters, we want this experience to give you the tools to make a lasting change.  There are far too many products and programs out there making unrealistic promises, which only leads to disappointment, and more discouragement, in the long term.  We aren’t interested in getting you short term results, we want to train and educate you to develop a long term, healthy and fit lifestyle.  We don’t starve you, or use crash diets to get temporary results to collect photos for our marketing purposes.  We know that for this to be a permanent change, it has to be able to fit into YOUR life.  And that means an amount of weekly exercise that is maintainable year round, year after year.  We will educate you on proper nutrition with clean eating and whole foods, and design a program and nutrition plan that still allows you the freedom to indulge in your favorite treats from time to time.  We want you to be successful on your new fitness journey and make a lifelong commitment to being healthy and fit.  We know you’ll be able to stick to a program that allows you the occasional splurge, and we know that consistency is the key to success!

Be YOUR best. Shredd the rest!!!

8 Week Program

8 Week Program

Tailored to your custom needs; Sports Performance, healthy Weight Loss, bulk-up, toning
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Detailed Workouts
  • Text/Email Support for 8 weeks

$ 249/8 Weeks

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12 Week Program

12 Week Program

Tailored to your custom needs; Sports Performance, healthy Weight Loss, bulk-up, toning
  • Meal Plan with monthly adjustments
  • Workouts and Cardio routine modifications
  • Unlimited support for 12 weeks

$ 329/12 Weeks

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16 Week Program

16 Week Program

Tailored to your custom needs; Sports Performance, healthy Weight Loss, bulk-up, toning
  • 4 months of program adjustments
  • Custom diet and workouts
  • Unlimited Support for 16 full weeks

$ 379/16 Weeks

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 About Ryan

Ryan Waters – Head Trainer/Owner

Born and raised in Independence; Three older brothers; Two kickass parents; One amazing son; this is me, Ryan Waters.

They told me starting a gym at 24 would never work. I am now opening my third location and have personally met, trained, and transformed hundreds of clients.

When I’m not at the gym or helping change people’s lives from the inside out, you can find me whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, hanging out with the coolest family and friends, or traveling the world.

As a former All-American Defensive End for the Northwest Missouri State Bearcats, I have learned to work just as hard as I play. That means continuous growth both personally and professionally.

I love what I do; I live for helping people change their lives and build more confidence than they ever knew was possible. You fuel me to do what I do; let me change your life too.



  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Weight Loss Specialist
  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist
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SHREDD + Magnum Supplements = The Perfect Combination

Magnum® Nutraceuticals is dedicated to integrity in producing the highest quality sports nutrition supplements.

Better Ingredients, Better Results.®

Magnum® Nutraceuticals has been in business since January 2005 and can now be found in over 40 different countries internationally.


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Class Times

  • Monday05:30 - 06:20 Lower Body Blast
  • Tuesday18:00 - 18:30 HIIT Hell
  • Wednesday05:30 - 06:20 Upper Body Pump
  • Thursday18:00 - 18:50 Booty Class
  • Friday05:30 & 10:00 Fat Burn Friday



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